I am a 30-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD), retired in March 2013.   The various assignments held gave me a broad spectrum of knowledge at various levels of rank and responsibility, from patrol, to custody, to operations and risk management, to managing a large staff of information technology specialists.  I understand numerous aspects of the industry, making me the ideal consulting resource and subject matter expert who can assist with business analysis and creating strategies for implementing information technologies within jails or corrections environments so as to identify and reduce risk and liability for any agency tasked with operating a jail.

I have extensive jail operations experience, performing line level, supervisory and management duties at various ranks and within the Custody Headquarters Operations.  I am experienced with the knowledge to evaluate and recommend technology and how to use data to reduce risk and liability associated with operating a jail or corrections facility.  In 1996, I was selected to develop the Data Analysis Unit within a newly created Custody Support Services Section within the LASD Custody Headquarters.  We developed tracking systems to collect and analyze information, allowing us to produce meaningful data driven risk management reports instead of just reporting raw numbers that only showed trends.  This allowed a reduction in the amount of financial liabilities associated with lawsuits, and also allowed LASD to increase efficiencies for managing the jail operations.  The tracking systems and risk management reports provided the ability to maintain a safer environment for both inmates and staff.  While at Custody Support Services, I also supervised the Risk Analysis and Standards and Compliance teams.

LASD's average daily inmate population (ADIP) ranged from 15,000-22,000 inmates. Inmates are housed within 7 custody facilities ranging in capacities of 1,500 to 5,200 inmates in each.  More than 411,000 arrests are entered into the Sheriff's Department's Consolidated Booking system annually by more than 50 local police agencies. 160,000 arrestees are remanded into the custody of LASD annually. I held the leadership role for ensuring that the Information Technologies required to run such a massive operation was properly designed and implemented, and remained operational in the mission critical environment.  I bring a unique value to anyone seeking to utilize information technology in a jail or custody environment. Within the industry, I am a recognized expert at bridging the gap between technology and the daily hands-on jail operations to manage risk  in a complex and ever-changing environment.

Simply stated, “Jail Management is all about Risk Management”.  My years of experience in working in the jails and as Project Manager for numerous large-scale Information Technology projects provides me with insight into both worlds.  That insight can be extremely valuable when considering any Jail Management Information Technology project.

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